Money Can’t Buy Me Love, But It Can Buy You A Good Legal Team!

On the steps of the High Court Heather Mills attempted to spin her divorce settlement as a victory. The fact that she had represented herself, saved approx £600,000 in legal fees & negotiated a settlement of £24.2 million was dressed up as a positive outcome. Unfortunately, like much of Heather Mills’ life the facts don’t quite add up.

The legal fees really are small change when compared to her initial petition for £125 million and the widely predicted settlement somewhere in the region of £30 million. To spend £600,000 to gain £4 million seems simple arithmetic. In the logarithms of Heather Mills’ mind for some reason it doesn’t. The loss in the region of £4 million is dressed up as a win. I can’t believe she is really that self deluded.

The harsh reality is that the money Paul McCartney spent on his legal team was money very well spent. Mills hubris, her misplaced beliefs that lack even the basic rudimentary skills and with no legal training, that she could negotiate a positive outcome has back fired spectacularly.

McCartney’s side of the case was represented by Fiona Shackleton of Payne Hicks Beach LLP. Shackleton who represented Prince Charles in his divorce from Diana, in contrast with Heather Mills total inexperience, is a lawyer at the top of her profession. Although McCartney has lost out on some minor points; the yearly amount for his daughter, the upper limit of salary for her nanny. In the cold light of day he has come out of the settlement much better than his ex-wife. The settlement has barely dented his vast wealth. In comparison to the divorce settlement of Michael Jordon £75.5 million, Neil Diamond £75.5 million and Steven Spielberg £50 million it can be seen as a huge failure. Heather Mills hasn’t secured even a pyrrhic victory, no she has just highlighted the need for quality legal advice and a top legal team.