A Closer Look at Pre-Paid Legal Under Investigation – Why Is Pre-Paid Legal Under Investigation?

There are always a few shady claims concerning network marketing companies. But the claims against Pre-Paid Legal, currently being investigated by the SEC concerning a recent merger with a New York based company, are based on fact rather than rumor.

The unfortunate truth is that Pre-Paid Legal is being investigated by a law firm, according to the New York Times, the Shareholders Foundation, and Reuters.

The Reasons for Pre-Paid Legal Under Investigation

In early 2011, Pre-Paid Legal (PPL) was purchased for approximately $650 million by a New York based private equity firm, MidOcean Partners. The company is now being investigated to determine whether the deal provides a fair price to the company’s shareholders – who each received $66.50 per share. Reuters reports that there also may have been conflicts of interest amongst the company’s board members.

Although this is a serious matter, it’s not a particularly life-changing event for many PPL representatives. The issue has little to do with memberships and the manner in which representatives conduct their day to day business.

Should You Still Join Pre-Paid Legal, Under Investigation?

For those looking into joining the PPL opportunity, it is of course important to educate yourself on the ownership of the company before joining. But ultimately, this is a legitimate opportunity that currently supports over 1.4 million households in both the United States and Canada. Their representatives help members join in on plans that can assist them in all kinds of legal matters, from property damage to moving vehicle charges to identity theft.

Perhaps the most important question for those considering joining PPL or a network marketing opportunity, involves being able to answer the tough questions concerning the company and the products. This is, fortunately, a skill that can be learned, just like public speaking and debate. There are several resources on the web that can be used to help increase your downline, even in the midst of the “Pre-Paid Legal Under Investigation” debacle.

For those looking to become successful in a network marketing opportunity, PPL is still a viable option. But more importantly, it’s crucial to learn how to answer tough questions when your company comes under fire, and put potential representatives at ease when offering them the opportunity to join in on a potentially lucrative opportunity like this.

Both new and seasoned network marketers should take the time to learn these skills, and build a business skillset that will help them sell their products and their company. Especially with an opportunity like PPL, currently under fire, it’s a good move to ensure that you’re prepared to deal with any and every question concerning the company you represent.