Will any other states adopt legal online sports betting?

All eyes are on four states in 2019: Iowa, Indiana, Montana and Tennessee. These states passed laws legalizing mobile sports betting and could be next in line to join those listed above.

Will any other states adopt legal online sports betting


Delaware sports betting started in June 2018 with three casinos licensed to accept wagers. State legislators have discussed the possibility of adding online sports betting in the future. It is legal in Delaware but not active.

A tribal group in New Mexico has also begun offering sports betting, though the activity remains illegal elsewhere under state law. Meanwhile, Arkansas voters approved sports betting via a referendum at the ballot box this November and plan to start by late spring, but will be limited to retail sportsbooks initially.

New York and Michigan continue work on sports betting legislation that could pass this year or next. More states likely will take up legal sports betting in 2019, with Connecticut and New Hampshire at the front of the line.

How To Legally Play Mega Millions Online In The US

Mega Millions is a member of the Multi-State Lottery Association (MUSL), which allows them to have some of the largest jackpots available to win in the world. MUSL also coordinates the Powerball and Hot Lotto lotteries. Mega Millions was named “The Big Game” when it first burst out onto the scene in 1996 and has one of the largest minimum jackpots out of all the lotteries in the US.

Legally Play Mega Millions Online In The US

As of this writing, the largest jackpot to date for the Mega Millions lottery has been $656 million dollars and is expected to increase in the next year. This guide was created for individuals seeking up to date and accurate information about buying Mega Millions tickets online. Below you can find a detailed explanation on the legal status of playing the lottery through state licensed lottery sites and how this impacts the market. Read further for a list of frequently asked questions about Legal US Lottery Sites and how to play MegaMillions online.
Can I Play Mega Millions Online Legally In The US?

Yes, you can. Playing the lottery through licensed lottery agents online is not illegal in any state within the US. The 2011 Department of Justice legal opinion on the Federal Wire Act opened the door to individual states seeking to offer online lottery tickets to their residents. The DOJ’s ruling clarified the application of the Federal Wire Act, limiting its authority to US bsaed online sportsbooks with no restrictions whatsoever for online lottery games that are licensed and regulated by individual states.

The good news is that we have no restrictions or prohibitions relevant to buying lottery tickets online. In fact, when the DOJ clarified the application of the Federal Wire Act, they did so specifically to address the legitimacy of interstate lottery ticket purchases due to some controversy that had arisen surrounding this practice. The DOJ affirmed that interstate lottery ticket purchases are not illegal.

The Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act is another law that is mistakenly thought to impact the lottery industry. The UIGEA only acts to add a layer of federal and punitive oversight to specific methods of payment processing in large banking institutions. It basically regulates how gambling related transactions are processed online. Neither of these laws has any impact relevant to state-licensed online lottery sites providing Mega Millions tickets online.
The Top Legal US Lottery Sites Offering Mega Millions Tickets

Trusted ReviewsThe following list of online lottery websites are all legally sanctioned by the state government of the state in which they are located. These sites are licensed and regulated through governing agencies and provide a safe and secure environment to play lottery games online. If you live in one of the states sponsoring these sites, then you can definitely access their offerings. Players who live outside of the states mentioned below will not be permitted to purchase tickets online at these particular destinations.

Online sports betting sites in the United States

Welcome to the new world of legal sports betting in the United States. The Supreme Court in May 2018 struck down PASPA, the federal law banning single-game wagering. Each state now can set its own rules for online sports betting unless Congress passes a new law. That appears unlikely but not impossible at this point.

Online sports betting sites in the United States

It’s important to pay attention to the laws in each state. Not all that allow legal sports betting will choose to use online or mobile wagering platforms. Some states require that all bets be placed in a land-based casino or by mobile device while within a casino. Some have rules that allow online and mobile wagering anywhere within state lines.

Just because you download an app that is legal in one state doesn’t mean it will work in another. Smartphone apps will verify your location within a legal betting area before allowing you to wager. You will be rejected from betting if outside the legal borders.